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Adwords is Google’s advertising tool. It allows you to appear among the sponsored results in the search engine and gives you the opportunity to create an advertisement at a very low cost. The reach of these ads is huge: millions of web users that search for concepts related to your brand will be exposed to your message.

Its main advantages:

  • Investment through an auction system. Its cost will depend on traffic and effectiveness of keywords.
  • Applicable to your whole web or just a product or service.
  • Targeted to a specific audience in a defined time zone.
  • Effective for short term: results are immediate.
  • Real-time changes in strategy.

Also applicable to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Yahoo/Bing.

In Zoomlabs we generate a list of keywords to attract qualified traffic. Our campaigns are designed to generate leads and conversions at the lowest cost per click (CPC) possible, constantly optimizing our efforts.

Save time, obtain results!

  • Increase the click-through ratio (CTR) with relevant ads to reduce the cost per click and the acquisition and/or conversion cost.
  • Generate leads in search engines and the Google Display Network.
  • Monitor conversations to maximize the return on investment (ROI).
  • Tests to maximize the performance of landing pages and improve conversions.
  • Select profitable keywords.
  • Write valuable ads that encourage users to act.
  • Design and optimize the landing page to which the ad is going to lead.
  • Follow the campaign, measure it, analyze the results and optimize it in real time.