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What are they saying about your company online?

Information on the Internet influences 70% of buying decisions. Your brand’s online reputation becomes vital, since consumer’s opinions directly affect your business. Clients value reputation more and more every time.

Social media have turned consumers into prosumers: they are content creators and they share their opinions, recommendations, advice and experiences with brands.  Their arguments are more credible to 90% of users, who believe in them more than in the actual brands.

The mouth-to-mouth effect multiplies; information is within anyone’s reach. Your clients are talking about you. Why don’t we hear what they have to say?

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  • Monitoring online reputation: social media, blogs, news, forums…
  • Analysis and classifying of mentions (negative, positive and neutral).
  • Alert system and counseling in risk cases.
  • Intervention on behalf of your business (with your prior approval).
  • Online crisis management.
  • Optimizing and clearing the brand’s name in search engines.
  • 4+ years experience managing online reputation of various kinds of companies and public administrations.
  • Expertise in customer care and crisis management.
  • Client and services confidentiality.
  • Internet monitoring technology owned by us and specialized in the Spanish market.